The Leisure Hour

Pour yourself a drink and settle in. It’s time to vent.

Monty Mitchell’s Flying Circus

May 9th, 2017

Comedian Monty Mitchell joins us for the last episode of The Leisure Hour!  In it, he regales us with tales of his family and growing up in good 'ol Cookeville, TN.  Having attended nearly every type of trade school under the sun, he's met some interesting characters through the years and has some very funny stories to prove it.  (We especially loved his auction school experience!)  Other topics include movies that terrified us as kids, why quicksand was so dangerous in the 80s, and Monty works hard to get Rob to come out of his shell.

We absolutely loved hanging with Monty, and we know you will love him, too!  He regularly attends open mics around Nashville, and you can check out his 2017 touring schedule at

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The Chad and Mary Show

January 24th, 2017
Comedians Chad Riden and Mary Jay Berger return to the Leisure Hour for a fun, wine-filled evening! Featured on this week's episode: tiffs at comedy shows, the drunken shenanigans and business ventures of Mary Jay's favorite Riden brother, and OF COURSE, their adorable squirrels! 
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Also, listen to their weekly show, "Nashville StandUp Sits Down", every Wednesday from 1p-2p CT on WXNA.

What about Bob?

November 13th, 2016

Bob Roberts took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his blog, The Rhinestone, which features satirical posts about our fine city. Bob also shares stories about his time as a travelling puppeteer and his work in children's theater. 

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Roy Meets World

November 6th, 2016

Actor and comedian Roy Lee from the improv comedy group, M-Prov, joins us! Based in Murfreesboro, TN, M-Prov is dedicated to bringing the art of improvised theater to Rutherford County.  Also included: Roy's short-lived Waffle House career, our disdain for linecutters, and a visit from Jeff's "British rock star neighbor".

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Welcome to Camp Blood

October 30th, 2016

In honor of Halloween 2016, we've got Josh Lewis and Rob Haynes discussing their podcast, "Letters From Camp Blood".  Each LFCB episode is dedicated to a "Friday the 13th" movie starting from the first and progressing through to the final episode which will cover the video games and other fringe media. Josh and Rob are comedians as well as old friends, and it doesn't get funnier than the dialog between them as they argue over some of the deeper elements of these classic films.

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We love Lucy!

October 23rd, 2016
Joining us for coffee and booze on a special Sunday afternoon taping is one of our favorite people from the Nashville comedy scene, Lucy Sinsheimer! If you've ever been to the world famous Zanies Comedy Club, you've probably run into her!  She handles a gamut of tasks from artist relations and booking to promotion.  We get a glimpse behind the business side of the comedy world including unique green room requests, the different types of crowds, and fun celebrity encounters.  Also included, Jeff saves Renee's life, Jeff and Lucy become "stone bros", and Rob gets reconnected with nature.

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Of Bryce and Men

October 15th, 2016

Comedian Bryce Damuth shares stories of growing up in Orlando with Jeff's favorite animal (horses), his time as a graphic designer, and meeting Robin Williams backstage after opening for Mike Birbiglia. Also included; grieving the loss of Nashvilles dive bars, misheard lyrics, and our lack of surprise over the Brangelina breakup.

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Nightblonde’s Megan and Ryan

October 5th, 2016

Megan and Ryan from Nightblonde share the story of the band's foundation and evolution as well as their own colorful musical pasts. (Hint: We can definitely get behind a band called Tipper Whore.) Other topics include Megan's fascinating life as a flight attendant, the resurgence of cassette tapes, and airbrushed t-shirts. Plus, Renee's beverage quest continues with an in-depth discussion on the soft drink "Squirt"; both its flavor and name.

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Nashville Improv returns

September 29th, 2016

We proudly welcome back Michael Kearney and Lacie Madison of Nashville Improv.  Get the scoop on this year's Dragon Con including costume advice, celebrity encounters, and the incredible diversity of fan tracks.  Other discussions include Facebook messaging etiquette and the new movie "Don't Think Twice".

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The infamous Trash Boyz(s)

September 22nd, 2016

This week's episode is a send-off party for our buddy Joe Kelley, who's moving on to other crazy, vantastic adventures. What better way to say goodbye than with fellow Trash Boyz(s), Josh Lewis and Josh Wagner.